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Indication of success in your birth chart

Indication of success in your birth chart

"Success in life" so small to read a phrase but too complex a matter to achieve. If Success were to come only through the planets in the birth chart, then probably some of the astrologers would have been the most successful people in Life who know how to negotiate with the planets. And if Success were to come only from hard work and skills, then a building maker (labour) or Goldsmith would have been on the list of most successful persons in the World. Incidentally, none of them are. This is because Success in Life comes from a perfect blend of your natural skills, intentions, and what your Horoscope would say.  

Everyone wants to be successful in Life, but then the most pertinent question is; How to get Success in Life? While some fail, some are successful in Life, which means that there have to be some identifiable factors of distinction between both. We know that the harder the struggle, the more glorious is the triumph. However, it is also true that many keep on struggling endlessly to be successful in Life & many succeed & excel. Some small insight to know how to be successful in Life can surely bring remarkable changes. And astrology for Success reveals all pitfalls & key indicators for this. So learn how Astrology for Success can help you. Vedic Astrology mandates reading of past deeds of a person & we must focus on this very basic principle before giving any future predictions.

Astrology for Success in Life

Those who bank on talent to prove a point and believe in showcasing strength to the World are more prone to endless struggle. I have witnessed that:

  1. Those with sports acumen struggling endlessly to gain recognition in their domain.

  2. Those wanting to showcase their showbiz talent wasting their Life endlessly in the different bye lanes of Mumbai.

  3. Those have a flair for business wasting their resources in setting up a business that never runs.

  4. Those aspiring for prestigious jobs wasting highly active years just yearning for it.

  5. Those who wish to prove a point endlessly wasting their time and energy get finally stuck at something not manageable.

There are many astrological reasons behind a person who keeps on struggling and fails, and the most important are enumerated hereunder:

Want of self-discipline: A weak Lagna /Ascendant or its lord responsible for this. Short-term temptation looms large on the native. An undisciplined person finds it hard to understand the values of sacrifices made today for gains in the future. The weak Lagna infuses laziness and squeezes out the inner strength, which inherently develops a mentality of considering everything difficult

Lack of persistence: A talent and inborn intelligence can go to waste if the grit is not there. Persistence is the capability of making an adjustment and finding new ways. A weak Lagna with a relatively weaker third house is responsible for this.

Lack of Planning: An imperfect plan can give results, but a person going without plans will surely suffer. The sixth house of the Horoscope decides on this.

Fear of failure: Fear of failure paralyzes us. But from a horoscopic point of view, it is a feature that enables a person to become abler. The weaker the Lagna and the sixth house, the stronger is the fear factor.

Wanting too much too quickly: Lack of early results de-motivates many, and the cause is a moderately placed Lagna.

Excuses: Blaming others for our own mistakes and problems is a trait that a toddler who fails to succeed develops. An imbalanced eleventh house is responsible for it.

Advice resistant: With an aversive Langa and an ill-placed Lagna-Lord the native becomes argumentative and does not pay any heed to the valuable suggestions.

Not able to kill distractions: Without even going anywhere near the Success, the native starts living with the Success. This is somewhat called daydreaming, and this daydreaming and other worldly distractions result from an activated Venus in the shadow of some intrinsically harmful planet.

Unwillingness to associate with people who are there to help is not good at networking because of a distorted eleventh house.

Humility: There may be many things you may not know; taking them with grace takes a task. This also helps in assessing the strengths, limitations, and above all, strengths of oneself. A negative Lagna is to blame if one does not possess this.

Astrology tips for Success

These few things can push back someone who has dreamt something big to conquer to succeed in Life. Astrology can investigate the factors which can stop the individual from getting to the dreamt pinnacle. A small investigation can make one understand how to be Successful in Life. Consider the factors mentioned below:

  • The correct thing /path to choose.
  • The height that is difficult to achieve.
  • What is there in actuality and the ills of false dreaming?

We can achieve this incredible seeming transformation through Karma correction. When this starts taking shape, the following things start happening: 

  • Our unbeneficial behavior starts postponing. 
  • The person tolerates a higher degree of emotional discomfort. 
  • Bad habits start breaking. 
  • The stress tolerance level increases. 
  • Courage to make correct decisions. 
  • A person starts making a time-bound plan. 
  • Failure is seen as lessons. 
  • Breaking of goals to comfortable levels start.
  • Self-belief starts.

Now all these happen when the person acknowledges the fact that what is right and what other is wrong for him. A horoscope reading by a Master in Astrology with proper massaging of the dominant planets makes it all possible. 

How does your Horoscope help you to be successful in Life?

Above all were how does your birth chart help you to be successful in Life. Now I will explain it with one of the live incident for better understanding from a common person's mind. 

One day in my Mumbai office, I met a parent who was worried about their twin sons. One was preparing for administrative services, and the other was trying his luck in Bollywood. A spate of some adverse actions in the near past brought them to me. Both boys worked in their respective fields for quite a while, and both were not Successful in Life. It was when one of the boys who was trying his luck in Bollywood demanded an exorbitant amount of money for presenting it to a film producer so that producer could make a movie keeping the boy in the lead role. The other boy, too, was not getting any results despite putting in extra hours in studying.

Now, since they were twins, they had an identical D-1 or Lagna/Ascendant chart. The time difference between their birth was 6 minutes, and therefore their divisional charts D-9 and higher were different. But the astrology students should know what chart to look at when it is the case of a twin or a triplet. It is the D-60 or Shastiamsa charts.

In spite of the fact that in one Horoscope, the positive Dasha of Lagnesh was operating while in the other Horoscope the Dasha of Yogkaraka (wealth bestowing) planet was in operation, the barriers to overcome were much more than what could be sustained.

These fellows were living in a fool's paradise and were under constant false hope. There was something in them, which was giving them an unrealistic expectation of Success.

I analyzed that both are not going to succeed in their chosen fields. And also, if they keep on trying for it for some more time, they are going to go to a more profound crisis with no point of return.

The present time was excellent for him, but certainly not for acting purposes. Instead, he should be opening a coaching center and teach people how to get different jobs in the Film industry. In two years, I had pronounced, he will be a big success, and the next five years will be like no looking back.

His luck was indeed in the administration, but not in the Government sector but the Private-Public sector. I advised that he should start a job immediately, and the time to go come will press upon him to study MBA.

They were not happy with my verdict, but the inner escapist helped them quit what they were doing at that time.

It is now five years since they have met me; both are finally successful in Life. Both are doing remarkably well & furthermore; both have a name in their respective industry.

So this whole narration indicates that astrology for Success identifies key pitfalls that can hinder your Success. It gives you caution, identifies indicators & correction you have to do to be successful in Life. That is where I say that one should be very alert in choosing the career. You can read more on link below how to select right career.


Does birth chart indicate sudden changes in Life?

Yes, apart from what we have read above, many times fate changes suddenly. We wonder why it would happen. It happens due to your Karmas of previous birth(s).

Sometimes, we find the Miracle of miracles in Life. These miracles can happen either in our life or someone else's life. Sometimes sudden failures or most unfortunate events happening in Life become the game changer – the Miracle. We wonder about the occurrence of such miracles in Life. Let me categorically state here that the miracles are pre-destined. Each Horoscope has a spark or a spark plug which triggers itself. This can happen once or twice in a lifetime. When this spark or spark plug triggers, it creates the Miracle in one's Life. This can give either sudden Success for the rest of our Life. Or similarly on the other hand we get shocks with sudden failure or event which was never even in dreams. There are instances when the situation of sorrow transforms into a situation of blessings. A terribly helpless situation suddenly turns into a blossom. The gap between 99 and 100 does not stop our triumph.  And that is the belief of the Miracle.

These are a few of the situations that one may have lived or witnessed, but surely these are once in lifetime things that could happen to someone. Let us understand what these miracles are. How does the trigger of a Spark Plug in Horoscope either blossom or totally devastate the Life. This can happen either to the native or native's family or nears and dears.

  1. One is retained miraculously when the entire team is served the pink slip.

  2. When someone out of the blue is given an assignment, new role which was never there & even hard to dream.

  3. When someone is the last person to avail an advantage leaving behind scores in the waiting list.

  4. Someone miraculously saved from a dreaded accident.

  5. An orphan is adopted from someone in a foreign land.

  6. Suddenly someone winning a lottery or rewarding puzzle or quiz.

  7. Sometimes, someone clears an exam against hopes.

  8. We sometimes win an order or deal that would change the Life.

  9. Someone is getting a start that no one could have imagined.

Negative situations wanting the Miracle to happen

Many things happen to a native, which makes Life continually full of miseries. A native may:

  1. Loose in all the businesses he starts till he becomes broke. Betting Gambling and share market dealing habits also play a significant role in such situations. Read how betting, gambling and share market business can prove the story of riches to rags on below links.  

  2. May not continually find any job to get him going.

  3. Sometimes someone is not able to marry even after putting in the best efforts. If you are also facing delay in marriage, you can read on the link below.

  4. The state/Government continually disturbs for one reason or the other.

  5. Someone may start losing his wealth for known/unknown reasons.

  6. For someone, marriage does not work even after marrying and divorcing several times.

  7. The fate that never smiles on someone.

  8. Someone is always caught on the wrong footing.

  9. The person always remains under continual debts.

  10. Native always remain under continual sorrow.

  11. Many times, one keeps on losing near and dear ones one by one. 

Does your Horoscope has this Spark Plug

A general inspection of a horoscope may not reveal these events. But if one gets control over one of these types of events rather than facing a continuous precarious situation. Then probably the native could control the Life to some extent rather facing a hell throughout the Life.

Now there is a divine tool to deal with these kinds of the precarious situations. There is a spark plug that lies buried somewhere in a horoscope and is impossible to find in a normal circumstance. If this spark plug could activate, then at least the trail of adverse events that have shaken the native could be blocked, and a new lease life could be ensured. This spark plug is a virtual point that is harnessed by multiple positive planets but is not easy to locate.

Can we locate or identify this spark plug in the Horoscope causing or leading the Miracle? Yes, we can, but only a Master can do it. Novice trying this can even have scaring or totally adverse effects. To begin the exercise to locate this spark plug, one has to undertake a lengthy session to pinpoint on the past events, both good or bad. The geometries of each planet viz to viz the result of every event is tabulated. Then comes the next herculean step of changing a few things in the Life and documenting the results, positive or negative.

The session that follows the first meeting can number from four to ten depending on the frequency of changing the scenario. Once the trail of past events and the new events are detailed minutely, the spark plug's location gets identified and, more importantly, the method through which the spark could be maneuvered or detonated.

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