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Should we rely on daily/online horoscopes

Horoscope means birth chart of a person that gets crafted & originated at a particular place, date, and time of person's birth. We know horoscopes by many names like Natal chart, kundali, Janam kundli, Janam Patri, and many such synonyms. Before reading further, let us be very clear that a horoscope once allotted to a person CANNOT be changed by anyone including its author Lord Brahma. So do not look for any astrology predictions/astrologers to change it. But here, the subject is what are online horoscopes & daily horoscopes? What is the difference between online and daily horoscopes? For that matter, what are the yearly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, and what is the correlation between all these specific words? And why are these words the most searched words in astrology in Google Search Engine in the present times? 

Now there are few common questions on this subject that I will try to explain briefly in this narration.

What are daily and online horoscopes? 

How are daily horoscopes different from online horoscopes?

How accurate/true are daily/online horoscopes?

Can we rely on online and daily horoscopes?

These are some questions in a common person's mind & also, people who learn about these phrases from others. I will explain all this here step by step.

What are online horoscopes?

Horoscope whether taken online or personally from an astrologer, are the same. Online horoscope means a summary of all the planets & planetary combinations at the time of birth of a person. The placement of these planets in the different houses in the horoscope is decided on the basis of a person's karmas of previous birth(s). You did bad karmas, you get weak planets, & even if the planets are strong, they get an aspect of evil planets or conjunction with the harmful planets. There are a total of twelve houses in a birth chart that represent different life aspects of a person. There are nine planets in astrology. Each planet rules a particular sign out of total Zodiac signs & has specific characteristics, traits that influence a person's entire life. Now a horoscope online or collected personally or taken in any mode remains the same, showing the positioning of different planets in the constellation at a particular time, particular date, and place of birth of a person. 

Here, one should be very clear that accurate birth time and place of birth are equally important for any online horoscope apart from the birth date. Many sometimes ignore one or both of these essentials for a horoscope by date of birth that is grossly wrong. Even some astrologers for the sake of convenience, ignore these factors in drawing the horoscope online by date of birth or physically. You can read more on the importance of accurate birth time in a horoscope to understand why one should never believe in any horoscope be it online or collected physically. Secondly, let me clarify here that the horoscope according to date of birth will be different if the place of birth is different, but many people ignore this fact which is absolutely wrong. Place of birth is one of the three essentials co-ordinate for any online horoscope by date of birth. 

Good online horoscopes should contain detailed narration regarding Nakshatra, Dasha & Gochar in which a person takes birth. Then such horoscopes should also give detailed information regarding period of changing Dashas, Antar and Mahadasha in the person’s entire life cycle. 

Is the place of birth important in a horoscope?

Yes, the place of birth is one of the three essential co-ordinates for any horoscope, be it an online horoscope or taken physically from any source. Birthplace is important in the horoscope to find the rising sign or Udit Lagna of the person. Sun & Moon have different timings to appear in the sky at different places at different times. We know because Earth is a sphere & Sun and Moon's position is different after certain miles. Further, since the Zodiac signs are either Sun signs or Moon signs based on Sun and Moon's position at the particular date and time of birth, change in place of birth can and will change your sign.

Gone are the days where traditional astrologers would prepare the charts by using the Annual Almanac or Panchang. In the present times, all online horoscopes according to date of birth are drawn from Softwares which are equipped with the data of latitude and longitude, so horoscopes are made based on a person’s place of birth.

What are daily horoscopes for different Zodiac signs?

As explained above, a horoscope or online horoscope by date of birth is only one for one person for his/her entire life; it remains the same from birth till person breaths last. The daily horoscopes for career, love life, business, and health for different Zodiac signs are not actually daily horoscopes, but the correct word for them is daily horoscopes predictions. These daily horoscopes or today’s horoscopes are a generic readings that one gets from the placement of one or two or maximum of four planets in a particular sign. Such daily horoscopes indicate how one should try and regular daily life activities/actions in different aspects of life like career, business, love life, health & family life. These daily horoscopes predictions are common for all persons born in a particular sign: be it Moon sign or Sun Sign. These today’s horoscopes are just an indication with a very high factor of probability. To get maximum benefits from these daily horoscopes for different Zodiac signs, one should rely more on Moon Sign as per Vedic astrology. In Western astrology, people use the Sun sign for reading these daily horoscopes predictions. But here, one important thing to understand is that Moon remains in a sign for about two and half-day & Sun remains in a sign for 30 days. So, the probability factor will be much lower in reading such horoscopes by Moon sign than Sun sign. If you do not know your moon sign, it is very easy: click on know your moon sign. But one should read these daily online horoscopes only for very general guidance and entertainment or maybe to talk about with others. With a very high probability factor, one should never use predictions from these daily horoscopes for career, business, love, or married life for making a significant decision of life. Also, check the authenticity of the source publishing, such today’s horoscopes etc. You can try reading it from a good source for a few days, check how the predictions are coming true in your case & then start following the same in your daily life. But again, please do not take any crucial decision until you discuss your specific horoscope in detail with any good astrologer.  

One can rely on these daily predictions for different Zodiac signs only to regulate some of the regular acts in life but do not rely on such daily predictions for any decision of your life.

How is an online horoscope different from daily horoscopes?

An Online horoscope is totally different from daily horoscopes on the following few points:

Online horoscope is for whole life predictions, and daily horoscopes are only for one day’s predictions.

Online horoscope is based on all nine planets & their position in different houses of a horoscope, but daily horoscopes are based on just one or four planets depending on how seriously the source giving such predictions has worked on it.

One should never make any significant decision of life from these Daily horoscopes predictions. Whereas online horoscopes serve the purpose for making significant life decisions provided you reach the right astrologer. 

Daily horoscope predictions do not consider the transits of planets, whereas your main horoscope takes account of this.

Daily horoscopes can sometimes create confusion if you read them from different sources, but your main horoscope online or otherwise is firm with a clear direction provided a master sees it. 

How to rely on daily horoscopes?

Yes, one can rely on these daily predictions on a lighter node and that too by following some essentials. You can do it by checking the type of software; astrology website/source is using, how many planets it is considering, whether it is considering the Moon sign or Sun sign for daily horoscopes predictions. Start reading such daily predictions for a few days, co-relate them with the actual impact on your life in those few days. If it is ineffective or makes no sense to you, use another app or source. I can assure you read these daily horoscopes from any source and read daily horoscopes on my site. Once you follow it for a few days, you will get addicted to it. This way, you can identify a good source to rely on which can be inspirational & give a good flavour to your daily life, but still, one should not rely on these daily predictions for any major decisions of life. These are based on the planets' daily movement, so one can take them as a lesson to “go with the flow” rather than “fighting against the row”. It is like if you have to go for a pleasure trip and your daily horoscope predictions say, today is not good for travel, so you lose nothing until the trip is inevitable. But probably you could have avoided some effects on you, but again it does not mean that you should never go for pleasure trips. But whatever you decide: make sure you reach a genuine source and judge how to get accurate predictions yourself and how to judge a good astrologer?  

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