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No horoscope can be only bad or good

Good happening in life is all my efforts, and we generally brag about it. But bad things happening, we start using the words: my destiny, I have a bad horoscope, it's my fate. Such things are more prudent when bad things keep repeatedly happening in our life that we start blaming: Oh I have a bad horoscope or have a bad birth chart.

We often hear many people saying that misfortunes happen in our life due to negative planetary positions in the horoscope/birth chart. Then, people blame the Almighty for why He has given birth to them and why they are born in such a family that is ridden with abject poverty and destitution. And why others are born in affluent families. People often rebuke weak or negative planets in their birth charts or a bad horoscope for causing problems in their lives. Those who are lucky feel proud of positive and exalted planets in their horoscope. This narration is to unveil many misconceptions as to can any horoscope be only good or bad. And what to do if even if you think you have a bad horoscope? And further, if your horoscope is bad, it will tend to show some negative planetary position, then how deal with the negative planets in a horoscope? Let's start with: what is a bad or good horoscope, and can any birth chart be only good or bad?

Can a horoscope be only bad or good?

This is a wrong notion. Bear in mind that no horoscope is good or bad. When it comes to 'what is a good or bad horoscope', it is a natal chart with a certain planetary configuration that one is bestowed with at the time of birth at a particular place, date and time. From an astrological perspective, it is presumed that bad planets are positioned in one's horoscope as per one's bad deeds in the last birth by the almighty. But He also gives a healing touch to unfortunate people to mitigate the bad influence of planets in their lives. Similarly, good planets are positioned in one's birth chart as per one's good results in the last birth by the Almighty. The planetary configuration in people's horoscope does not symbolise their destiny completely. I have perceived visually many horoscopes in which planets were in good positions, but the natives have not been able to do something remarkable. Also, I have come across such horoscopes in which planets were debilitated, but the natives have done remarkably well. These cases prove that good or bad horoscope is no guarantee of people's 100% success in their lives. This also proves that bad planets are not completely responsible for the person's failures or decline in their lives.

In my blogs and videos, I have explained many time that planets in one's horoscope are positioned as per the placement of their Lagnesh. This does not clarify that planets are always properly positioned. But a potent Lagnesh can force other planets to show their results as per its wish.

According to astrology, Bhavat-Bhavan is a good thing in itself. It is a basic Parashari rule, and according to it, the planet's strength depends on the house in which they are positioned. For example—the sun has the lordship of the sign Leo. But it is not regarded beneficial for its own house if it goes into the sign Capricorn.

Venus placed in Libra may not be beneficial for Taurus, and Venus placed in Taurus may not benefit Libra. This occurs because the relation of Libra and Taurus is the sixth-eighth.

Mars placed in Aries may not benefit Scorpio and vice versa because the relationship is Shadasthak.

Jupiter lies in a good position if it goes to the eighth house from Sagittarius, which is Shadasthak.

The interpretations mentioned above are made from the Bhavat Bhavam and can puzzle any student of astrology as assumptions regarding astrology are still not justified.

The rules and a few things that I have mentioned above are incomprehensible for common people, and they give results contrary to what they meant to be.

How to deal with negative planets in a birth chart

The blemishes or malefic Doshas in the natives' horoscopes are not a curse to them. They can use them to their advantage. Doshas in a horoscope that terrify them the most can also bail them out of critical situations.

But to start with, I would like to throw light on some misconceptions before I divulge the secrets of sages.

Remember that it is not only natives' horoscopes that need to be blamed for doshas. Each horoscope has some negative effects and the responsibilities lie on the person's shoulder to activate or deactivate it. This depends on how the person uses "free will" to get the best results from the so-called bad horoscope or negative planets.

A learned astrologer capable of spotting the negative yogas or doshas in the native's horoscopes can provide them with solutions. Natives should know that they can rid of the negative yogas present in their natal charts by performing good deeds.

Remember that person's past life deeds manifest their present horoscopes. And their bad deeds can be rectified only by performing good deeds. With good deeds, they can change even the so-called "worst horoscope" for the better.

Natives are advised not to suppress their negative doshas present in their birth charts through any remedial measures. Nevertheless, they succeed in their efforts; the negativity will surface at any point to knock them down. As per Brahma's Karma Law, natives will repent for their harmful deeds.

For instance—the natives do not respect the elders but keep donating alms during Pitra Paksha cannot alleviate or eliminate Pitra dosha in their birth charts.

From the assumptions made above, it is clear that the most appropriate way of getting rid of the miseries and destitutions in life is performing Karma correction and evaluation. But before saying that you have a bad or good birth chart/horoscope, know how to judge the strength of planets before terming any planet as bad or good or any horoscope as good or bad. 

And still, if you feel your horoscope is bad, do not resort to performing prevalent astrology; adopt simple Karmic corrections to get the best results from your horoscope, be it a good or bad horoscope.

What to do if your horoscope is bad?

Good horoscope, bad horoscope, good birth chart, bad birth chart, I have already emphasised it is not good to say that any horoscope is a good horoscope or a bad horoscope. Each horoscope has both malefic and benefic planets. First of all, the person should know how to judge a planet's strength because a malefic planet with lower energy will fail to do much harm. Similarly, a benefic planet with lower energy may fail to give positive results. But still, if the natives have an inkling that they have a bad horoscope, I will suggest to them the best solution to handle the adverse situation. This does not mean that the person's horoscopes will stop impacting their lives. Due to some reasons mentioned below, the natives may not be able to adhere to certain rules despite having the best intent. This is so because a weak ascendant, the moon, and some other planets' effects will hold some of their actions. But those who want to keep such debates at bay should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Keep your birth chart apart and forget what your birth chart or astrologers have to say about you. 

  • Say goodbye to the alignment of your planets at the time of your birth.

  • Remember not to cause harm to persons you come across, whether they are your family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Adopt a simple mantra from me. Contemplate for two minutes before you fall asleep. Recollect everything that you did to others and also what others did to you. Forget the feeling of revenge and learn to pardon others. Do not believe in tit for tat. That means if others have harmed you, you should not think of doing the same to them. 

  • If you think that any of your habits are hurting others, try to eliminate them from your routine. 

  • Whatever God you have faith in, keep fast for Him/Her, and do not eat non-vegetarian food on that day. If you have faith in Lord Shiva (Monday), you can keep fast for Him; if you have faith in Lord Hanuman (Tuesday), keep fast for Him; and if you have faith in Lord Ganesha (Wednesday), keep fast for Him. Likewise, there are specific days for each God as per Hindu Mythology.  

  • So, whatever God you have faith in, read about Him/Her and follow one of His/Her good habits.

  • It would help if you gave respect to your elders, whether anyone/anywhere. 

  • You should not adhere to the mass trends.

  • Do not imitate others. Instead, try to learn from those who are better placed than you. You will get to learn something good from them. 

  • If you get involved in any conflict, try to get out of it than getting into it. 

  • Do not believe much in alms or fill your fingers with gemstones to please God or nullify the effects of any planet. 

  • Do not mistake if I am not talking about drug addiction, alcoholism, or any intoxicates that you always avoid. These things directly affect your mind. 

  • It is easy to preach good things to someone but difficult to bring them into action. But this is what the theory of Karma says. If you cannot follow such things, then a consultation with the best astrologer will also not fructify.

Finally, I would say that your horoscope reflects your deeds of the last birth; your destiny is characterized by how you perform your deeds in present life, and your next birth's life depends on the Karmas you do at present. So if you think you got a bad horoscope, try to learn about your bad Karmas of the previous life(s). Improve on Karmas in the present life to convert so-called "bad horoscope" into a "good horoscope" and lay foundation for a “good horoscope” for next life.

Before depending on any astrologer, you should know how to judge a good astrologer
Also keep in mind that astrology remedies do not work always

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