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How to get success in business astrology?

How to get success in business astrology

This astrology article is about how to get success in business. I am trying to explain here what is more important in business: sudden success in the business or maintaining business success. Present times of noble Corona have seen many businesses reach the peak but will these businesses always remain like this or have a different fate after some times. 

How does business astrologer help in business success?

A good Business astrologer can tell you which business will have lasting success in business. Sometimes we see success in business due to some favourable planets & conducive dasha ( timings), but sometimes some inimical conditions also prompt a person to get into a business. This business could be lucrative initially but can birth chart stars can have different in store for the native altogether. There are two types of planets which will always favour a person in business success, and there are some planets which work as inimical. This is where a good business astrologer will balance between Sun ( the power to enforce) with Moon ( your mind).

Success in business and profession, success in life, success journey are very common aspiration for all of us. But then why do we see that many keep rising but many perish or reach total disasters after reaching the pinnacle. That is where the difference lies in success & maintaining success & growth. Keeping rising is important, but more important is maintaining a successful journey & association of truthful friends lest the situation becomes lethal. Success and rising high are important in life, business, and profession, but more important is to maintain the success journey with friends & not inimicals. 

Now read some insights on it in my recent article in Outlook India.

How to maintain the growth rate?

Rising through sin seems simpler than rising through virtue, and therefore, many meteoritic rises see a good contribution of sin in it. But equally true is the fact that those who amalgamate sin in their quest to scale the heights are bound to come crashing down, one day or the other. Lord Vishnu while explaining this phenomenon to Muni Narada stated: "in the quest to achieve more than others even the wise fail to distinguish the thin demarcation between right and the wrong and, it does not take long for most to venture into the pleasures of sin."

Common fact for all

As, we all have a set of friends, enemies and few other enemies disguised as friends so is it the case with our horoscopes. Every horoscope has a set of friendlier planets, inimical planets, and other disguising planets. These planets act as per their period (Dasha) and transit (Gochar) and give their result as per their nature.

The enemy or the ones disguising as friends woo the native into taking to sin and venture into the state of unparallel pleasure. These many pleasure imparting planets, when they function, happen to give an unparallel abundance of happiness, success in business and profession but when they cease to perform and other stricter planets take over, the native starts to come under mounting trouble. That is where important to know that maintaining the growth (though slow growth) is more important than only achieving spontaneous success in any business, profession or life.

A word of caution

Thus, it is essential not to get swayed away during the activation of the softer and inimical planets because the results that they give may not last forever. An able horoscope reader who can gauge the planet's strength can comprehensibly foretell about the limits one has to adhere to. It is not hidden that many estate brokers/developers/agents who use to flourish once are now under hard government clutches. Many functional yielding units that use to thrive once have now ceased to run.

Not only is this true for those who are into some sought of business but is also true for those who were once the power brokers or were an acclaimed government functionary or were repeatedly taking some form of advantage from the government.

They over the time seem to lose whatever they had accumulated, and the miseries do not stop to the loss of wealth, but reputation and esteem also fade away.

Why does it happen? 

Seen astrologically, this happens primarily because of Sun in the horoscope. Sun, which is a ruthless planet, first bestows power, high position, respect & all favours from the government. BUT once it (Sun) becomes uncontrolled, it is mercilessly lethal to impart sinfulness, heartlessness, bungling in the government records, long-standing anger and it eventually allow many such enemies capture the native.

It is said that once the Sun sets in one's horoscope, it brings utter darkness in the fortune. Sun being the strongest planet when perpetuates darkness himself, no other planet can help fight it out. Now when it is happening, native starts feeling diseases in the belly, head, eyes or bones. Such indicators show that the Sun has started setting & turning bad. And this can ruin all earned, captured, accumulated from any business or profession. This is the ultimate time, you need to connect with an able astrologer.

What counters this sudden fall in business and profession?

Decoding all these planets' actual strength lies with an able astrologer & people who get to know it "in time" are the most successful from the total lot. Let me state here that one good signification can bring many bad effects. People who have an excellent Laxmi Yoga or Raj Yoga could also have an uncontrolled Sun means troubles from Govt. This troubled Yoga imparts troubles from Govt, the court of law, tarnishing image, reputation, etc.

I have gone through many horoscopes where the Sun hangs at such a balance that it could sway any side at any time depending upon the energy imparted to it by the mind (Moon) and the self (Lagna). Those who are happy to see a well-positioned Sun in their horoscope I urge to check its position D10 and D60, its intrinsic nature shall at-once reveal itself. A thorough study of these divisional charts speaks volumes about the Karma correction to follow.

Rising high in life is of important, but more important is not to fall. Gaining through associations is paramount, but losing on the hands of it is what is not warranted. It is imperative to understand the state of planets in one's horoscope as the same planets which work for the well being of the native can turn turtle and start behaving and an unmanageable manner. Therefore, it is pertinent to access the capabilities and cautionary while one is rising in life through an able horoscope reader and, more importantly, the one who believes in Karma correction and not the one who diverts your focus in those difficult times to performing hefty rituals & remedies etc.

So, whenever you want to select the right business (You can read more about this on below link) & have a new business idea (You can read more about this on below link), consult a good business astrologer as the impact can go both ways.

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Remedies for business improvement

The best remedy for business improvement is to make a monthly balance sheet of your business & review the progress of the most important segments of your business. It can be manufacturing, marketing, finance or any particular department, which is the main contributor to your business revenue. I hope the reader will understand what I mean here. Here in case of any major deviation, one can spend a few minutes with their regular astrologer as different planets govern all such segments. And this can be the impact of adverse Gochar(transit) of a particular planet.

Many people offer different tips/totakas, including feeding animals, etc, which I feel are not a part of Vedic astrology. Also if you are not getting proper support of the planets and planetary combinations, I don’t think such totakas can really work. Still, I can recommend some simple Vedic remedies which can help you in your business improvement.

  • Place a five-faced ( Panchmukhi) Hanumanji photo at the entrance where you sit at the business place.
  • Clear all dusty, especially old iron articles from the business premises on a regular basis.
  • You can place a Pyramid on your desktop.
  • On Deewali & the day, you started the business; you must give your employees some money & especially the persons who clean your premises.
  • Items like a broom and other articles used to clean the premises should never be visible to the visitors.
  • Deposit some money in your bank account or put small cash in your cash box on 1st working day of every month.

I mainly focus on analysing the position of planets for any particular problem that a person faces than focusing much on rituals & remedies. You cannot overcome the adversities simply by following rituals as explained on do rituals & remedies always help?

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