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What to do to please Saturn

How to control Saturn

Saturn is, most importantly, the Karmic planet. Whatever Saturn gives or destroys is a result of our own past & present Karmas. Saturn actually acts as a judge of our own Karmas. It would punish for our own flawed or harmful karmas. And on the other hand reward also for our good & righteousness karmas. So if you know how to control your Karmas, you know how to control Saturn? If you cannot control your own self, don't blame this noble planet. I will explain many aspects of Saturn in this narration.

Role of Saturn in astrology

Saturn is popularly known as Shani in Hindu Astrology; Shani in Hindi means something that moves slowly- shanaiye shanaiye. Same way, Saturn also moves very slowly. While many planets leave one sign in the Constellation in 30 days, 45 days, or say 360days, Saturn is the only planet that leaves a Moon sign after 2.5 Years, showing how slowly Saturn moves. Another fact is that Saturn is a huge planet placed at a great distance from Earth. Therefore also, we find Saturn moves very slow. 

As per Hindu & Vedic mythologies, Saturn is the child (son) of Sun (Surya) and his wife Chhaya. Saturn does not have good relations rather have strained relations with his father (Sun). As per the old beliefs Saturn is supposed to be a slow, cold and dry planet. 

Saturn represents old people. People in astrology consider Saturn as a malefic planet. Saturn placed adversely results in miseries, sorrows, losses and all type of hurdles in life. A favourable placed Saturn gives good and longevity to the natives. 

In fact Saturn acts as a teacher and a judge. As teacher, it prompts a person to good karmas & bless them with excellent results. But acts as a judge & punishes a person for all the misdeeds & unethical acts. Saturn as a Karmic planet acts both ways as explained here. So when people ask what is Saturn in astrology, it is nothing but a person who reacts positive or negative based on person's own Karmas.

Is Saturn always bad?

Is Saturn always bad? My answer is a big NO. But still Saturn is malefic or benefic I am sure this question will trigger a lot of anxiety. Generally, people are found saying and spreading Oh! Saturn is always harmful. I agree Saturn is one of the most dreaded planets. But then it is most significantly the Karmic planet also and. So Saturn is benefic or malefic depends on our own karmas. Therefore we should try to understand more about own karmas than blaming Saturn. Saturn is bad or good depends on us, our Karmas. On Saturn's effect on people's life, I say let your acts be dharma (faith and religious) than Adharma (fear). On this, I was interviewed by OUTLOOK INDIA also. You can read that on the link given below.

How does Saturn affect us?

How will Saturn affect you depends whether you accept Saturn as a judge out of fear or teacher as a faith. On this I have written an interesting article in a popular magazine on 02.09.2019 which reads as follows:

Let Your Faith (Dharma) Overcome Fear (Adharma)

In my 2 decades of Astrological journey, I am of the firm opinion with examples materialised that all Horoscopes have both negative & positive Yogas but no one should either feel blessed or dejected for life only because of these positive or negative planets as the final results depend on many more factors & most important of them is our Own Karma. Else people once at the top of pinnacle would not be reduced to ashes & poppers or people unheard at once would not achieve the commendable heights. This further leads us to a point that miracles do happen at least once in a life time which can turn the future life of a person both ways as stated earlier.

Same way sometimes in our own dreams of expansion or getting more towards worldly prominence we are trapped in wrong deeds & that lands the person into never ending miseries. One can surely co-relate it with many prominent figures of the recent times be it politicians, businessmen, spiritual Gurus. Also do not forget the point here that more we get, more scared we become with sense of insecurity creeping in.

So, Let your faith (Dharma) be more significant than your fear (Adharma). The fulcrum of faith and fear is meticulously controlled by Saturn which has many frightening facades like the shadow of Saturn, the aspect (Dristi) of Saturn, the association with Saturn, the period (Dasha) of Saturn, the Dhaiyya of Saturn and the Sade Sati of Saturn. Out of these the MahaDasha of Saturn and the Sade Sati (Seven and half year transit of Saturn around the natal moon) is the most feared. As a quack treats his patients with a restricted knowledge and a limited set of treatments so does a lesser astrologer frightens his patrons with these negative traits of a sinisterly attributed Saturn.

How to feel Saturn in horoscope?

I meet many who, in the fearful grasp of this half-hearted wisdom, have indulged themselves into relentless unmindful rituals. But what they forget is that Saturn or Shani is nothing but Karma and whatever negativities Saturn has to offer is indeed a showcase of their own Karma. Saturn is crooked in appearance with tall and a lean body, habitually keeps itself unkempt, has sunken eyes with prominent veins, looks older than its age, is also stubborn, quarrelsome and often a loner. He rules over longevity and takes to illness easily.

How does Saturn affect human behaviour?

Now the more prominent these traits are in one horoscope, the more influence of a negative Saturn is on the individual. Those who habitually frighten people with or without reason, gain happiness by inflicting misery, become happy in humiliating people, try to push people down, become delighted when someone wears a sorrow look, is harsh and hard-hearted, is pessimistic, is truly selfish, delays matter for no reasons and becomes happy when someone suffers, has a very profound influence of Saturn in him and without realising of the negative clutches fate that are to follow the native engulfs with the Saturnine traits.

Interestingly people with strong saturnine traits do not admit a bit of its influence on them. But they forget that Saturn, who is also a judge, makes one pay when it comes to evaluating the Karma which usually happens in the Sade Sati which is the judgment deciphering time of Saturn. So, it makes sense not to commit a crime rather than pleading not guilty in front of a judge who knows all. There are specific karmic ways to appease Lord Shani before the onset of its Sade Sati and few more subtle ways to soothe the Saturn in its Sade Sati and Dasha following which can push the luck up in all domains of life. Same way I will elaborate about other planets like Rahu, Ketu & likewise in my next articles here.

The article in the magazine end here.


Now I will explain few more important things about Saturn as below:

How to please Saturn?

I think I have explained enough how to please/control Saturn. Saturn punishes you for your flawed Karmas so improve your Karma in righteous way. I will give you the best remedy and some secondary remedies to pacify Saturn as below.

Learn the Best remedy to pacify Saturn

Close your eyes for 2 minutes before you go to sleep. Try to memorise what others did to you during the day. If anyone tried to hurt you or did anything wrong, learn to ignore it than retaliate or thinking to take revenge. Same way, think about what you did to others during the day. If you did something that would not have been acceptable to you if the same was done with you. Learn not to repeat such things in the future. This is the best way to keep the negativity out of your Karmas & this will keep Saturn always from you.

No other ritual than improving your Karmas can save you from Shani. Try the above best remedy to please Saturn. Still, I will give you some tips to control Saturn.

Pray to Lord Hanuman. Shani himself got obliged to Lord Hanuman when Shani was captured by Hanumanji and had said – I will never bother people who worship you ( Hanumanji).

Saturn himself is looking like old age, so always respect your elders. Take responsibilities & especially towards elders.

Try fasting on Saturdays. This will keep you away from alcohol and restricted foods. Otherwise, also try to reduce the consumption of these items.

If possible, visit Shani Temple & offer specific items to Lord Shani.

These are the remedies related to your Karmic correction so concentrate on improving your Karams than drifting yourself towards common told remedies like making donations, offering food to stray animals & many more like that.

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