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Know your life span using astrology

Most of us remain curious about our life span or longevity. People visit astrologers who may calculate your life span! Well, astrologers are not God. But with the help of planetary placements, it is possible to determine a person's longevity. It is interesting that an astrologer continuously checks a person's longevity before making predictions. Predictions about life events make no sense when there is no life for that person.   

Astrological yoga is present in the horoscope for a short, medium, and long longevity. An astrologer, by looking at the planetary placements in a chart, may predict the life expectancy by that person's birth chart. However, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and other astrological texts warn against telling a person's longevity. It should be informed in case of medical need only and should not be seen as a means of fun or curiosity. 

The main karaka of Ayushya or longevity

In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn symbolizes a person's life span in a Kundli. Saturn is the brother of Lord of death Yama and gives results per the deeds of a native. Saturn is karmakaraka which makes a native get good and bad results from his respective deeds in the present and the past life. It is a karmic planet, and it is essential to get different types of results we get in life.

Now, death means the transformation of the soul. It leaves the current body to get transformed into another one. The eighth house in the horoscope is the house of transformation and longevity in astrology. It is a mysterious house where everything happens unexpectedly and abruptly. The position of the 8th house determines the longevity of an individual. Auspicious effects in the eighth house give good longevity, while malefic planets cause a threat to the longevity of a person. Saturn, as a karaka of the 8th house, if present in the 8th house, gives extended longevity to the native.

A native is likely to have a long life if the ascendant, ascendant Lord, 8th house, and its Lord are in auspicious combinations in the birth chart. One may get a broad idea about longevity using a Life span calculator by date of birth. This calculator gives a broad idea, but astrological consultation is suggested for deeper insights. 

Can astrology predict age? 

When we talk about longevity, we break it into three categories:

Long- 72 and above

Medium- 35- 72 years

Short- below 35 years

A person having a combination of poorna ayu may live more than 90 years. Now, it depends upon the ayu yoga first and then the running dasha to what age a person can live up to.  

Planetary placements determining ayu yoga in the kundli

Ascendant Lord and the Lord of the Moon sign, if both are present in a moveable sign or if one is in a fixed sign while the other is in a dual sign, then its yoga for deergha or poorna ayu (long).

If the ascendant Lord and the Moon sign lord both are in dual sign or if one gets placed in a moveable sign while the other is in a fixed sign, then its yoga for Madhya ayu (medium).

If the ascendant Lord and the Lord of the Moon sign are in a fixed sign or one is in a moveable sign while the other is placed in a dual sign, then it is yoga for laghu ayu (short). 

Can we predict health issues with astrology?

In the birth chart, the 6th house is the house of diseases. Apart from this, the 8th, 12th, and the maraca houses, i.e., the 2nd and 7th house, are also checked to indicate a person's health. In health astrology by date of birth, it is said that the malefic planets in the 6th house save a person from diseases while benefic planets increase diseases for a person. A benefic planet should not be strong here, while a malefic planet should not be weak here.

We may predict the likely diseases for a person by analyzing the sixth house of the horoscope. Its connection with the trik and maraca houses indicates complex diseases. Every planet and zodiac sign in medical astrology signifies a specific body part. When we see afflictions to a planet or sign, we can assume health issues in that part of the body. For e.g., the Sun is the karaka of bones, immunity, head, and eyes. Now, if Sun is afflicted in the birth chart, the person may get health issues related to these areas.

The Moon is responsible for causing health issues in the chest, and lungs, mental disorders, insomnia, and other emotional imbalances, etc. Mars may give diseases related to blood and bone marrow etc. So, the birth chart may give hints about the diseases a person may face in his life.

How to know the troublesome time for the health of a native?

When a person is born with yoga for health issues or other medical problems, he does not face it every time. Similarly, once a person's longevity is estimated, an astrologer has to see what time period the yoga can get activated. For this, the dasha period of the maraka planets, the eighth lord and the eighth lord from the Moon is essential. The badhaka planets also play their roles and don't let accurate medical help reach or benefit the native.  

If Saturn joins the maraka planets and the eighth lord, it may inflict death-like effects on the native. The transit of planets is also essential. If a native gets the Saturn Transit in a house with very few ashtakvarga points under the maraka dasha, there is a serious threat to his longevity. Predicting longevity is a serious thing and should be predicted by an experienced astrologer with empathy and spiritual values inside.

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