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How a changing planet’s position affects results?

How a changing planet’s position affects results?

Planets do not give the same results at all times because these results change with Dasha & transits of planets. Many people considering the present position of planets make important decisions not realising that such effects can vary with changing Dasha & Gochar (transits) of the planets. A job could be well paying, a business could be earning well and the same way many planets could be giving excellent results. This prompts a person to take some important decisions. I will explain further as to how a particular dasha can alter the results totally. 

How does dasha matter in predictions?

Dasha means the major period of a planet and strength of a planet in a particular Dasha. When the planet is most powerful and is in its exaltation sign, it is known as the "Poorna Dasha"  and this period gives the best results. Dasha of a powerless planet is known as Rikta Dasha. Rikta in Hindi means blank or devoid of means Rikta Dasha will give most poor or adverse results. If a planet falls from its exaltation or is debilitated then one gets very ordinary or even adverse results to the native.

Do planets give same results all the time?

As explained above, planets do not give the same results all the time. These results keep changing with changing Dasha and Gochar. I firmly believe that if horoscope cannot be changed, the best way to get the most beneficial results from birth chart is to take advantage of changing Gochar (transits) and Dasha of the planets. A high success in a particular Dasha can become worse with the changed Dasha. This I have explained through a real life story of one of follower in Hindustan Times on Dec 16, 2018.

Now read the story as to how the changing position of planets alter the results.

Sometimes we take significant decisions without weighing its pros & cons in the longer run & miss the expert’s advise at the right time. Situations explained herein  could be happening to you or anyone. So  act when the road has to start than when it ends. It was this Saturn Dasha when a native quit his well-paying job to start a business. It was only this Dasha when the start of the Business was extraordinarily positive, and the native started making money within a few months of starting it. It was this Dasha only when the native started expanding the business and increased his turnover many folds.  It was this Dasha indeed when he needed the assistance of few business associates to help him in controlling in his ever-expanding business. During  this Dasha  he bought luxurious dwelling units for himself and high ends cars for his use. This Dasha saw an extension of his bloodline by giving him, progenies & also the courage to venture out and start something very new to him.

All this happened in just six years and made the native over courageous. The native ventured out to invest in property and that too a bit far away from his base. Now, this Dasha was indeed of Saturn, but the Antar/Bhukti of Venus had started. He had made a name for himself in his industry and creditors use to line outside his office to loan him out any amount of money. He had by now started pumping money in his newly launched business of real estate taking both secured and unsecured loans. So confident was he that he did not mind paying flimsy figure as interest. The same Saturn who had made him a towering businessman, under the influence of Venus, started robbing him and his creditor's money.  Initially, he did not believe that he could lose that heavily but as the Dasha of Saturn-Venus progressed, the parent business began to crumble due to negligence and backstabbing of partners, the real estate business had a limitless appetite of swallowing the money.  He had consumed most of his saving;  properties were under seize, and the creditors who lined outside earlier to offer credit were again lining but for recovering the money lent. The position of this gentleman was so miserable that he was finding it difficult to even part money for daily both ends meet. A beautiful Dasha which could have run unabated for almost two decades abruptly pushed the native into a mess. Much could have been done here so here so do not let that happen to you, Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for astrology online & personal sessions for all astrological problems.
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