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Know about other relationship of your spouse from birth details

Marriage starts with a lot of excitement & hope for good marriage life. The essential foundation of a happy married life, be it Love or arranged marriage, is trust between the couple and respect for each other. In India, it includes respect for each other’s families also. We can see all this when we match the charts for marriage based on comprehensive marriage compatibility factors. Mind you , I am not referring to simple Gun Milan, but it is the checking of ten compatibility factors. Now understand how a horoscope deciphers some essential point about marriage using marriage astrology by date of birth. This narration is based on two aspects of marriage: visible and circumstantial factors responsible for marriage and secret and self-created reasons for marriage and married life issues. Yes I am referring to the factors of the third person’s involvement after marriage, Extramarital affairs, Secret relationship after marriage, Infidelity, cheating on a spouse or any other synonym you may call it. You can know about other relationship of your spouse from birth details/birth chart. One can know all about Infidelity or extramarital affairs from the birth details of the spouse. 

How to find other relationship in marriage life from a birth chart

Another relationship in marriage life is the most detrimental factor, but finding other relationships in married life from a birth chart is not that difficult. There are specific combinations to indicate this secret relationship and extramarital affairs in the birth chart. These combination in birth chart for extramarital affairs and fidelity, however, need a master to find out. To know about the indication of Extramarital affairs in Astrology in a birth chart and how planets influence extramarital relationship in a horoscope, continue reading further. One can get prediction if your spouse will cheat on you or involved in a secret affair. One can know about this infidelity factor from the birth chart of the spouse. I will share some astrological combinations in Horoscope to indicate that your spouse can be involved in Extramarital affairs.

Love with the legitimate spouse is essence of a happy married life, but romance or dating with a third person after marriage is the biggest destroyer of the married life. Sometimes too much imbalance in mental level, sexual compatibility, and professional compulsions take the lead in giving extramarital affairs. Sometimes infidelity tendencies are inbuilt in a person’s character. All these factors leading to extramarital affairs and other relationship after marriage can be seen from the birth chart of the spouse. Added fuel to the fire is increasing fashion of chatting and exposure of internet and social sites. People start flocking together just for the sake of it or fun but finally get involved in secret relationships and extramarital affairs post marriage. This extramarital can be common for both male and female as female is also much liberated these days with good professional exposures. How to find about other relationship after marriage from a birth chart is explained below. Though such a situation can be avoided if you marry after matching the Horoscope. There are methods to check relationship compatibility; by checking Tara Koot, one can find the level of trust between the couple. Also, one check Varna Koot and Vashya Koot for nature, mutual relations & attraction and Yoni Koot for sex and physical compatibility. There are many such factors which are seen in astrology to rule out chances of secret relationship or extra marital affairs post-marriage from your birth details

How does astrology find extramarital affairs from date of birth? 

The best way to find about extramarital or secret relationship in a birth chart using astrology is to examine it before the marriage. One can easily find out the indication of extramarital affairs of a spouse through matching the charts for marriage as briefed above. You can read its detailed narration on the link given below. Now understand how astrology finds about an extra marital or secret relationship from a birth chart in more detail.

For any relationship, the Moon, the significator of mind, plays an important role. Venus denotes Love and romance. Rahu is the planet that prompts a person to break social norms. Mars denotes aggression & passion. So, a bad conjunction of these planets indicates extramarital affairs and other relationship in person’s birth chart.  

The 3rd,7th and 11th houses are Kama Trikona( desire), 5th house is the house for romance & the 12th house is for bed pleasure. A secret relationship after marriage in a birth chart will affect all the above traits. Connection of Rahu, Venus, Moon or Mars with 3rd,5th,7th,11th and 12th house and their Lordship indicate secret love /extramarital affairs in a birth chart. It means person with this bad conjunction can be a cheating spouse. 

Indication of secret relationships in a birth chart 

Moon, our mind is controlled by Jupiter, our wisdom and Mercury, our intelligence. Here, the astrologer will see if the Moon in the spouse’s Horoscope has a connection more towards wisdom and Dharma or extra lustful or sensual tendencies. If Mercury is in conjunction with the 5th or 9th house from the natal Moon, the person will have carnal and illegal lustful desires. But if Jupiter is in good control over the 5th and 9th houses from Moon, the person will be loyal to the spouse. So it is a fight between Mercury and Jupiter over Moon in your birth chart to indicate secret relationship, a cheating spouse or a loyal spouse in your life.    

Venus being the significator of romance is important to indicate extra marital affairs in a birth chart according to astrology. The conjunction of Rahu and Mars, both extreme planets with Venus, indicates extramarital/secret relationships in astrology as it gives the desire for extreme pleasures & sensual tendencies. Such conjunction in Navamsha indicate chances of Infidelity in spouse’s chart according to astrology. 

Then comes the 8th house, the house for secrecy in a birth chart. Above conjunction present in the 8th house are a strong indication of extramarital affairs or other relationships in astrology & the spouse can be a cheating spouse. 

Ownership of Venus and Mars in the 2nd house in Navamsha also indicates Infidelity in a birth chart in astrology & the spouse can be a cheating spouse per birth details. 

9th house is the house of righteous karma & Dharma. Therefore before marriage, it is better to check if the 9th house in the spouse’s Horoscope is strong or weak. The person with a strong 9th house will be faithful & avoid extra marital affairs as per astrology. But if the 9th house is flickering, weak and is aspected by Rahu, Mars or Moon, it indicates chances of extra marital affairs/other relationship in a birth chart in astrology. 

The conjunction of Moon with Rahu clouts a person’s mind to indicate a secret relationship with another person in astrology as it forces Moon, the mind, to prompt towards illicit affairs. 

Another very strong indication of other relationship in astrology is Punarbhoo Dosha. Conjunction of Saturn with Moon or if these two planets aspect each other, it forms the Punarbhoo dosha. The presence of this Punarbhoo dosha indicates the spouse can cheat, according to a birth chart in astrology.  

Similarly, Arudha Pada plays a significant role in indicating extramarital affairs in a birth chart, depending on its presence in the different houses.  

Affliction of malefic planets in the Kama Trikona houses, 3rd, 7th and 11th house , the house for Kaam ( sexual drive) also indicate other relationship of spouse as per birth chart in astrology. 

These are some of the indications of extra marital affairs in a birth chart. But these indications of Infidelity in a horoscope cannot be applied universally. The lower and upper energy of each planet mentioned herein decides the element of a secret relationship in astrology. Therefore, whenever you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, please consult an able astrologer who can tell you if your spouse is or can cheat you according to the birth chart. Do not jump to conclusions or become an astrologer yourself after reading about these indications of extramarital affairs in astrology. 

Best way to have happy married life using astrology

To have a happy married life using astrology is very simple. The Single best way to have a married life using astrology is to marry a person whose compatibility matches you based on the Ten golden rules of marriage compatibility. How to do it again is very simple. Just follow simple steps as mentioned below. Not that astrology will govern your married life, but a few simple steps of marriage astrology can help you know the best way to have a happy married life. 

One should consult an astrologer to know the right time for marriage. 

If you are in a love affair, please check how to make your love marriage successful and how can a love marriage specialist astrologer help you. 

If you are clueless about how and who will be your life partner, take predictions for your future life partner. This will refine your search for the best life partner & you will marry in time.

Marry a person after matching the Horoscope, and you will understand how you are making sure about the relationship compatibility with your life partner. Whether you believe in astrology or not but are a marriage aspirant, you must read how does good Horoscope matching help

My final advice: do not marry in haste or out of anxiety/mirage because marriage is your decision for life. Any slight slippage or unrest in married life can affect person’s career also. 

Connect me with. I may not be the best marriage astrologer, but in the last two decades of my astrology practice, I have acted as a counsellor to guide the best way to have a happy marriage and married life. You will never have to look back regarding the element of extramarital affairs in the birth chart of your life partner. I am witness to about 500 odd such cases in my astrology career where I have been able to prevail upon the wrongdoer spouse to sacrifice extramarital affairs, not only for a good happy married life but also for their respective careers.

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