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What does astrology say about past life?

Past Life effect on Present Life

The results of past life/ previous birth manifest horoscope of your present life & deeds (acts) of present life lay the foundation for your next birth's horoscope, till the time person reaches the stage of Salvation (Moksha). So your past life karmas have an important and direct impact on your present life.

Indian Astrology is all based on the theory of karmas. Thus it focuses  in particular on co-relating all planetary position of your present birth chart with your  past life. This enable astrologer to figure out all your flawed karmas of previous birth and then guide you how to manage & override them with righteous karmas in present life. 

Why should you know about past life?

Why should one know about past life is simple. You visit an astrologer to get solutions for what: is it only to know what rituals remedies you should perform to get rid of your miseries OR how to manage your own self (your acts) so that you don’t repeat the mistakes what you made in the previous births. Unless you  know about your flawed Karmas, how would you improve yourself. So one should insist on the astrologer to tell why there are negatives in your birth chart and when you ask for it, you will get the answer why should you know about past life. Otherwise, be ready to learn only negatives doshas in your birth chart with a list of astrology remedies. If you feel you can get out of your miseries only by performing rituals & continue doing whatever you want to do, you don’t need to know about past life. Now read my column dated 15.10.2017 in Hindustan Times  which reads as under and can you depend only on astrology rituals on the link given below:

 “Answering your questions about life”

The Indian Vedic Astrology is not just about understanding and reading the planetary influence on an individual but is much more than that. It is a systematic study of the Atma or soul's voyage in the past life, present, and the afterlives. It is the study of the Prarabdha and Rina of the soul which explains the miseries and ecstasies of the present life. The Karmic Chakra of this life if drawn can explicitly draw a graph of what all can come to an individual with the quantum of effort that is required from him.

Jyotish, the Indian Vedic sciences beautifully answers, provided the Jyotish is able enough, some unanswered and constantly nagging questions which could haunt a few, like the reason for his birth, what he was in his yester life, his deeds of the past life, why his efforts not recognized, why are the miseries after him when he has done no wrong, why is he misunderstood, why the friends turned foes, why is he not credited of the goodness he does, why is the God not kind to him.

The answer to these questions is what Karma Correction is all about. Jyotish says that Brhama, the creator, has given you some abilities with certain limitations. These inadequacies can be read from the chart through placements of Planets in Rashis and Nakshatras. Karma Correction is working our way out through these confines by changing ourselves. The problem here is that, either the person, for reasons, is not told truthfully as to where & how one has gone wrong, or the person is notified of his short comings in a scary manner projecting all negativity & then loading heavy rituals or remedial measures, one starts heavily depending on these divinely interventions rather than correcting himself out. The divinely interventions can prevent one from straying from path of karma Correction, but it is the onus of one to choose the correct path.

Every Bhav,or life trait has a specific time for its fructification, each of planet and Nakshatra becomes Jagrut or result giving at a particular time , which is not dasha dependent . One has to be a master to decode all the things simultaneously & that is where the right astrologer could play a decisive role.

Dr Bajrangi walking through your past life to co-relate &, balances out good & bad stars to correct your present and then finally guiding you to pure Karma Correction for life. He believes that if a person is not interested to know about their flawed karmas of past life, it means the person will most likely make the same mistakes in present life also. Therefore it is essential to know the impact of past life on present life to manoeuvre our free will in present life. That is what correct vedic astrology is, says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi , a famous astrologer in India.

The article in HT ends here.


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