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Importance of Rituals

do astrology rituals really help

I am not at all against astrology rituals and remedies but do not believe in using them as a tool to please (flatter/gift/bribe) God.

Do astrology rituals work?

You flaw in Karma, and then instead of correcting the Karmas, you resort to performing astrology rituals is what I am against it. To spread a strong message on this topic, 

A leading English daily Hindustan Times also endorsed my views on this on 10th December 2017, which reads below:

Visit this astrologer with a difference

Visit an astrologer in your harder times and get a list of negatives Yogas with endless remedial measures from him and still, the inflow of problems remains abated. What purpose do these rituals serve? Can these change anything in the birth chart or

  • Change the planetary configuration of your birth chart; I am afraid not even slightest.

  • Appease the afflicted planet to reverse the results they are offering; this also cannot be done.

  • Change the Dasha/ Gochar; cannot even think of it.

  • Re-arrange the negative Yogas of the birth chart to the positive one; No ritual is potent enough; even Lord Bhrama, the creator, cannot change the birth chart.

None of the above points can alter anything in the birth chart & further following the rituals blindly can, on the contrary, trigger a series of negative events, one such is turning an otherwise Karma oriented person to a disoriented person, who has started diverting his energy to rituals, whereby the dedication towards work declining further.

The true essence of a birth chart reading is to understand the basic concept of Jyotish (the light which illuminates the future). It is to make one understand:

  • His true capabilities.

  • What is suitable and what is not.

  • To figure out the path to chose after evaluating his positives and negatives.

  • To alter what has gone wrong by mending ways.

  • To stop all the ills present in an individual.

  • Understand the true value of Karma

  • Understand how to remain happy.

Due to his intrinsic qualities (Prarabdha) and the values inculcated over time through family and society, a person develops many evils, of which he remains practically unaware. He instead boasts them often. Karma Correction is a tool that blatantly tells the individual that what all wrong has to shun and what results are expected and when. 

It is the divine duty of a Jyotisha to guide the native to navigate through all the Doshas in the horoscope. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.

This article as appeared in HT City on 10.12.2017 ends here. 


Now I will explain something more on this subject.

India is the cradle of spirituality. But do performing Rituals only mean spirituality. Performing endless rituals or astrology remedies blindly, as we know in common or suggested to us specifically, cannot appease God. For Indian spiritualism is not a heritage but a continuous tradition. This has helped our religion develop various thoughts on philosophy and spiritualism. Some of these are Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Yoga, and Vedanta, and the world looks excitingly to Hindu Religion for that. The spiritual air of India carries the fragrance of Karma, Dharma. The Indian concept of Jyotish also says read Karma & manoeuvre Karmas.   However, off late for many people, performing Astrology remedies, rituals means spirituality, religion. And above all to give us reliefs from our miseries. It could probably be a strong reason that Astrology as a science is losing its sheen in modern times.

Why to do remedies? Why people perform remedies? 

Doing remedies is no objection or bad but we should know why are we performing remedies. Any rituals and remedies to attract the blessings of almighty is fine. But here also one should understand: are we performing the remedies to offer our submissness & our intent is to pray to forgive what wrong we did. Or it is to cover & get a shelter for ourselves irrespective of whatever wrong we have done. A simple prayer of few seconds or chanting powerful Vedic Mantras with true intentions is enough instead of involving a battery of Pandits , spending lavish , giving big donation in the name of remedies is what will never get you results. I will explain more precisely on this but before that read a true incident in the next paragraph. 

Who should perform astrology remedies?

My perception is a little different here i.e; even if some rituals or astrology remedies are required to get rid of some accumulated factors in a horoscope, it should be performed by the person concerned only. I mean, hiring professionals to perform even customary rituals on your behalf or just loading fingers with Gemstones are the artificial ways. When one performs astrology remedies or rituals by their own self, their concentration connects or should connect to the divine power. It is only this connection that gives the relief, and I am a very strong believer of this.

Why astrology rituals will fail : A true incident

One person whose wife was on death bed was suggested at 9.30 in the night to perform Mahamritynjay Yagya for her with at least Eleven Pandijis. Somehow through some reference, that person contacted us. Dr. Bajrangi told him, go to any nearby shop, buy a book which contained Mahamritynjay Mantra. Told him to recite this Mahamritynjay Jaap as more as possible sitting beside his wife. No issues, even if the recitation was not 100% correct.

You will have to believe his wife got the relief in two days. Though no learned Panditji had performed any Mahamritynjay Yagya for her as per astrology protocol. Why – because God wants your dedication and not pump and show. The Mahamritynjay Yagya would have started only the next day morning, whereas her condition warranted prayers for her survival to reach almighty at that particular night only.

Is Worship only performing Rituals and Remedies

Every religion mandates a sense of devotion. But over the ages, perception seems to be changing. Being spiritual is misunderstood to be religious. Performing fatty astrology remedies and gigantic rituals & doing Worship is synonymous with spirituality. But the matter of fact is a bit different. Those who are heavily into the materialistic world, being away from spirituality, try and worship more. Performing rituals is to strengthen the bond between man and the Lord. But how the inherent meaning of Worship, astrology remedies, and rituals have changed is a matter of surprise.

Hypocrisy supersedes impact of Rituals

Many follow the rituals blindly and worship for a cause:

1. Some presume God gets angry if they fail to worship Him.

2. Many of us try to bribe the Almighty by offering a part of what He only has given us.

3. They sing praise and offer gifts. Is that what He needs?

4. By performing rituals and astrology remedies, are they pleasing Him or satisfying themselves.

5. Are they in love with Him, or are they afraid of Him?

6. Are you using money power in performing these rituals or performing the rituals which are astrologically correct. Are you focussing more on the glare & beauty of the Gemstone instead of wearing a Gemstones which is energized as per Vedic procedure. I will not name but a very famous Bollywood Star (Male) bought a blue sapphire worth Rs 25 Lacs which gave adverse results. But proper astrologically readied normal stone of Rs 1.21 lacs did the trick and he is still wearing it. It is not a crafted thing but fact. 

7. Are they becoming better after the rituals and the offerings through astrology remedies? Or they feel these rituals give them a license to continue with the flawed karmas. As a result, they becoming more arrogant after these rituals by the thought that now the God is by their side?

Can rituals help in last moments?

No , rituals will work very rarely in the last moment if you have goofed the past events in the worst possible manner. I will explain it with another live example. 

 A highly placed Govt servant of Madhya Pradesh cadre once visited me for astrological advice. The first few minutes of an audience with him made me conclude one thing very apparently. That he was at my place, not to know what his charts deciphered but had visited me to get some of his desires fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with having these wish-fulfillment desires as everybody has some. But the cost its fulfillment would have on others can be a matter of concern.

He boastingly showed me the gems he had put, as out of his eight fingers, one gem or the other occupied five. With pride, he informed deep devotion in the religion & the rituals he carried out every morning and evening. These rituals and astrology remedies were enough to keep him busy for at least two hours in the morning and one hour in the evening. His ego had no bounds when he described the periodic rituals he carried out every year. He was categorical in his mention of pundits he employed for these astrology remedies and periodic rituals. And also the amount of money he distributes as donations. In all, he was very heavily into worships and rituals & remedies and was spending way too much in executing these things.

How effective are astrology rituals/remedies?

He had come up with a specific question and intention. And that was: His promotion was due in the next couple of months, and will he be able to supersede his senior. He also boasted of his connection in the political circuits and mentioned how shrewdly he has achieved that twice in the past.

His chart was indeed excellent, all the honor and wealth conforming planets were well placed in trines (Tricona) to each other. For the last sixteen years, he had been running the Dasha of his ascendant (Lagnesh), which was having a Rashi Parivartan yoga with the Lord of 11th house. The D-10 Chart was even more promising as he had two Rashi Parivartan Yogas in it. Saturn was to transit his eleventh house from the moon that too was to happen in a couple of months.

I posted a few questions, and he was reluctant in answering those, but on my insistence, he answered them inanimately.

I asked about his relationship with his wife, and he answered that although they lived together, they hardly speak to one another. The relationship was sour. 

To my question on his relationship with his brother, he replied as expected. He said that it was frigid as his brother had captured some of his property (Ill-gotten property). 

On the question of extramarital affairs, he accepted that he had few of them. 

On enquiring, he informed that he sometimes acted as a conduit of money dispersion. On asking, he also informed me that he has several businesses run by his proxies. 

Every question of mine added a new wrinkle on his forehead and made him more impatient. Finally, he asked how could the thing for which he had come be made possible and through which ritual or astrology remedies.

I had read something very different, he was not going to make it, and it was a possibility that he loses his job and assets that he has built thus far. As time was short and nothing much could have been done to avert that mishappening, I asked him to come to me after three months. Not amused, he undoubtedly was, and he went away.

It was not only me, but most Indians came to know through newspapers that he was imprisoned, and his properties were all confiscated. He is in prison since then.

Once such a staunch worshipper and a ritualistic when comes out of the prison becomes an even stauncher disbeliever of God; who knows?

This short narration was to explain the difference between being a spiritualist and a worshipper. Worship done without any materialist greed turns a person spiritualist.

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