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Second Marriage according to date of birth

can i go for second marriage as per astrology

Second Marriage the word itself says your first marriage failed. It could be due to natural reasons or self-created reasons. While first marriage is absolute an auspicious & event to cheer, second marriage is generally as step taken as the last resort/under compulsions. But let me tell you there are clear indications of a second marriage in astrology. I will explain few important things regarding astrology for remarriage further down.

Can astrology help me in second marriage?

A birth chart has clear indication of second marriage in horoscope. In my opinion the chances of second/multiple marriages should have been seen at the time of first marriage itself. I mean if the astrologer matching kundli for marriage was careful, the indications of second marriage in either of birth chart should have been pointed out. 

But still you reach a stage where second marriage is the only option: one should again get the birth chart analysed from the angle of second marriage in kundli. This time to ensure whether your birth chart supports second marriage or there are indications of multiple marriages. For this astrologer will review certain specific houses and planetary combinations indicating 2nd spouse in astrology. 

Planets & Houses responsible for second marriage in astrology

There are specific planets and houses in a birth chart responsible for second/two marriages in astrology. But since this will have lot of technical terms, it is better first to under the overall implications of second marriage. I have explained about these combinations responsible for second marriage further down in this narration. But since the number of remarriage cases coming to me were so much that I had written about this subject in India’s leading Newspaper Hindustan Times on 25th May, 2019  which reads as below: This I will explain further down.

“Be careful if the first marriage failed”

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What likely is the possibility that the second marriage or subsequent marriages of a person shall survive when the first one turned disastrous?  And the answer to this riddle in simple words is "quite less." The reason for this is that since the state of previous marriage has already activated the negative marriage Yoga in the horoscope, it is not very likely that this activation does not affect second marriage or the subsequent marriages. And for this reason, it is quite often seen that either one does not get married after the end of the previous marriage or the state of the affairs of second marriage or the subsequent unions remains more or less the same.  It is therefore astrologically recommended that once one marriage turns sore, second marriage needs more caution, so the same set of stars do not get activated or get strengthened which were responsible for the dilution of the former union. To put in simpler words "matching of the charts for neutralizing the negativity of the planets responsible for marriage is more important in second marriage  than in the first marriage because after the dilution of marriage these negative planets or the negative Yogas formed by these planets become more active." I come across many misguided who hold them back from second marriage as they have been told that by a certain age their Doshas shall end and they then would be free to tie a knot without fear. The most infamous of these Doshas is the 'ManglikDosha' which plays deep in the mind of people, but many believe that after a certain age this Dosha turns redundant. I would here clarify that many such Doshas including the 'Manglik Dosha' which are formed by the placement of just one planet is a no Dosha at all. It is a thumb rule adopted by many less-read astrologers who prefer to read and predict without going deeper into the horoscope. It is thus not these so-called petty Doshas which is not letting a marriage happen or run smoothly but a complex set of negative planets which have created a series of negative Doshas which have blemished the 7th house (house of spouse), the Karaka of Marriage (Venus and Jupiter) and has spoilt the Navamsha and when these get activated they remain in "Jagrut" (activation) state ruining one marriage after the other. The best astrological remedy to deal with these situations is to balance out the negativity that one chart holds with the positivity of the other chart which cannot be effectively done by a less-read. Mind you no horoscope has a 'NO Marriage Yoga,' and there is always one for someone. Avoid falling in the trap, Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer who also provides free astrology advice for second marriage through his articles or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.

The article in HT City ends here.


Now I will explain astrology for second marriage.

Which houses indicate second/remarriage in astrology?

The basic significator of second marriage is 1st house: you, yourself.

Then it is 2nd house that denotes family life & the longevity of marital relationship & spouse

Next is 8th house, the Dusthana house in a horoscope which denotes a second marriage.

Finally it is the 9th house which is the main significator for second marriage. In the male’s chart it signifies the wife means Venus and Marriage matters. And in a females’ s chart, it signifies husband means Jupiter and marriage related matters.

Which combinations indicate second marriage in horoscope?

Conjunction of Saturn & Mercury in the 7th and 11th house. Here also if Ketu is also in league here, the person will have second marriage secretly. 

As per second marriage astrology prediction, connection of the Lord of 7th house with 6th, 8th or12th house indicates second marriage yog in birth chart

A bad affliction of lord of 7th house in the main or Moon chart  placed in dual sign in Navamsha. 

Placement of malefic planets in 7th house & if the Lord of 7th house is in the dual house means person will have more than one marriage.  

Conjunction of 2nd house lord ( family life) and 7th house lord (married life) with any malefic planet. 

In astrology for remarriage, Rahu and badly afflicted Venus’s placement in the 7th house of marriage give multiple marriages. 

Positioning of 7th house lord in the 4th house again leads to second marriage. 

Placement of Mars in 7th house and Saturn or Rahu in the 8th house also indicate second marriage.  

Like that there are many planetary combinations in second marriage astrology which indicates second or multiple marriages in a person’s life. However, association of any benefic plant in all these combinations can reduce the possibility of person going for more than one marriage.

Astrology for second marriage

You may come across many rituals/remedies to either avoid or manage second marriage. But my perception is a little different regarding second marriage. Marriage means a compatible relationship which is managed with human acts. Any problem in first marriage means mismatch of two life partners in this relationship compatibility. In my opinion there are two major remedies/way outs to avoid second marriage. One is that person should marry after matching the charts based on comprehensive marriage compatibility. But if you are on this regarding where the second marriage is already one cards, one should think not twice but hundred times. Best way to sustain second marriage is go for marriage counsellor in Astrology. This marriage astrologer will have complete access to your birth charts & can read all your weakness which would have resulted in failure of your first marriage. Your planetary combinations and houses remain the same but the person whom you would marry now has changed. So astrologer will check your relationship compatibility with the birth chart of this person. In fact a astro pre-marriage counselling is the only way and remedy if you want to survive the second marriage. So, astrology for remarriage and pre-marriage counselling are two possible ways that can help you in sustaining your second love marriage.

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