Can I go for second marriage?

What likely is the possibility that the second marriage or subsequent marriages of a person shall survive when the first one turned disastrous?  And the answer to this riddle in simple words is "quite less." The reason for this is that since the state of previous marriage has already activated the negative marriage Yoga in the horoscope, it is not very likely that this activation does not affect second marriage or the subsequent marriages. And for this reason, it is quite often seen that either one does not get married after the end of the previous marriage or the state of the affairs of second marriage or the subsequent unions remains more or less the same.  It is therefore astrologically recommended that once one marriage turns sore, second marriage needs more caution, so the same set of stars do not get activated or get strengthened which were responsible for the dilution of the former union. To put in simpler words "matching of the charts for neutralizing the negativity of the planets responsible for marriage is more important in second marriage  than in the first marriage because after the dilution of marriage these negative planets or the negative Yogas formed by these planets become more active." I come across many misguided who hold them back from second marriage as they have been told that by a certain age their Doshas shall end and they then would be free to tie a knot without fear. The most infamous of these Doshas is the 'ManglikDosha' which plays deep in the mind of people, but many believe that after a certain age this Dosha turns redundant. I would here clarify that many such Doshas including the 'ManglikDosha' which are formed by the placement of just one planet is a no Dosha at all. It is a thumb rule adopted by many less-read astrologers who prefer to read and predict without going deeper into the horoscope. It is thus not these so-called petty Doshas which is not letting a marriage happen or run smoothly but a complex set of negative planets which have created a series of negative Doshas which have blemished the 7th house (house of spouse), the Karaka of Marriage (Venus and Jupiter) and has spoilt the Navamsha and when these get activated they remain in "Jagrut" (activation) state ruining one marriage after the other. The best astrological remedy to deal with these situations is to balance out the negativity that one chart holds with the positivity of the other chart which cannot be effectively done by a less-read. Mind you no horoscope has a 'NO Marriage Yoga,' and there is always one for someone. Avoid falling in the trap, Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer who also provides free astrology advice through his articles or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.