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Can astrologer tell good time for making a decision?

can astrologer tell best time for making decision

It is not that all your acts & decisions should be taken based on astrology or astrologer. But a small care while taking a decision on major aspects of life can really make a lot of difference. Many keep pampering themselves that good yogas will bless them but in the bargain miss the right time when they were to make a decision for those good yogas to fructify. This I have explained in one of my regular column in Hindustan Times dated Feb 18, 2018.

How does astrology tell right time to decide?

To decide on a particular aspect needs a perfect timing & favourable planetary positions. 

Fools are those who wait for the good times, intelligent negotiate the ditches and the obstacles to enjoy at all times. This is what Lord Vishnu said while explaining the usefulness of astrology to Muni Narada.

An upholder of astrology waits with immense hope for the favorable Dashas to bloom. He also spots all positive, yielding yogas in his horoscope and becomes moonstruck about them. So passionate he becomes about those Yogas that while waiting for the good times to come he subconsciously switches off all efforts that otherwise he would have done. So, he deliberately converts a resistive Dasha, if it is read correctly, into a more aversive Dasha.

Imposing on oneself this self-styled negative hibernation is more lethal than most potent harmful Yoga in the horoscope. "Jyotish" is for illuminating the path of future and not for putting a hold on one's endeavors. A good time as figured out from a horoscope shall only yield a good result when the negative time is handled diligently. The karmas work in the backdrop of these unpropitious Dashas, laying a foundation and making a framework for obtaining good yields in the better Dashas.

Often the role of "Shani" the karmic planet is misconceived. It has the dual responsibility to give the results of karma and simultaneously make one languish for his previous misdeeds. So, shutting "Shani" with the intent to safeguard oneself from languishing devastates the Karma too, this implies to strike a balance between repentance and Karmic duty to ultimtely please the karmic planet

As we change gears while going uphill and continually steer to negotiate the turns and curves of a difficult stretch, the same way we modulate different planets in different Dashas. Expansion plans, new ventures, job change, marriage, filing of court cases, entering or ending a partnership, higher education's plans, quitting a job for business and other similar events are trigger points in one's life which can bring majors upheavals if not dealt properly.  Even if the road ahead is clear, it is better to consult as to what our karmic planet has in store for us than to repent. 

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