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What does child's horoscope says

The Horoscope of a new born is very delicate, emotional and probably one of the controversies in Vedic Astrology. What does your child horoscope says has two aspects: Getting a baby horoscope made and discussing new born baby's horoscope. Getting your child horoscope is a good practice in Vedic astrology. But discussing/showing it till the child attains a particular age is not a good practice except in case of severe health issues or abnormal behaviour. Learn carefully precautions to be taken before knowing what does your child's horoscope says.

What does my child's horoscope says

I get at least 2/3 calls every month from parents asking: what does my child’s horoscope says. They reach me either out of anxiety but majority of them are who have been told about some or many doshas in their new born child’s horoscope. There are many enquiries to know what does my baby’s horoscope says. My team does not mind asking for repeated clarifications but would offer consultation for a child's horoscope only after due diligence. 

After the marriage having a biological child are the happiest moment for a couple and the immediate family member. And why not: with the child birth, it is not only the new generation starts but many a time, it ridicules/pacifies many curses or bad omen in person's life, especially females in India. Nothing more to write here on this subject as we are talking about the happiness that a person and family get with the birth of a new child/baby. But when it comes to a baby horoscope, getting a child horoscope made is a wise step; you need your child's Horoscope. But showing/discussing the Horoscope of a child is absolutely against the rules of Vedic Astrology except for very specific cases.

Then comes the question: How can horoscope of new born baby be useful - there are two ways to look at this. One is to use the Child horoscope for the benefit of the child at the appropriate time and stage. Second, to misuse or misinterpret the new born baby for unethical reasons. I am quite clear in what I am writing here in explaining how can new born baby horoscope be useful but at what stage and time. Now there are do things: why do we need baby's Horoscope? Second, should we read and analyse the Horoscope of a new born child? Both have defined rules in Vedic Astrology for the Horoscope of a new born child, which I will explain one by one as below.

Why do we need baby horoscope?

Immediate after the new child is born, parents look for the baby's Horoscope by date of birth. Many who do not believe in astrology say: why should we need a baby's Horoscope or, for that matter, why need a horoscope at all. I firmly believe that Horoscope is a complete reflection of your past life, the purpose of your present life & also indicates your next life. Anyways this debate: should we need a new born baby horoscope is a matter of belief than necessity here. Many online kundali horoscope software are available to get the Horoscope of a newborn child. There is nothing wrong in this, and for this, one needs accurate birth details: date, time and birth place of the new born. 

This online Horoscope for new born child assumes great significance in the future life of the child. New born child's kundli shows that day's Panchang, Nakshatra in which a child is born, Yogini , Vimshotri Dasha and many such astrological indications that play a significant role in a child's future. Nakshatra, in which a new child is born, plays a significant role in naming a child. At the time of birth, baby horoscope also deciphers the position of all planets and their degree/placement in the different houses of Horoscope. There is just a simple clarification here: each new born child horoscope will have 12 houses & 9 planets with unique placements. All these planets show their impact on all 12 houses of the child's life in the future on all life traits, starting from health, education, career, marriage and other stages of life till the time child live the present birth

For taking any major decision in life, one needs to have an accurate birth chart and the best time to get an online child horoscope is when the child is newly born. Because that time, parents would be sure of the birth time of newly born. Here, I am not saying to read and analyse baby horoscope; it is only getting online baby horoscope. You can get free online child horoscope/kundli from my website also.

A child horoscope no doubt, is a complete blueprint of life. But its actual utility starts only when the child reaches the incremental stages of life like: selecting education stream, selecting between job or business, marriage decision and other spheres of life. Getting an online child horoscope is different from discussing the baby horoscope.

When should we show the Horoscope of the child/baby?

In my opinion, one should not show or discuss the child kundali till the age of 12 Years unless there are severe health issues or absolutely abnormal habits/behaviour. Horoscope is a direct reflection of a person's past life(s), and till the age of 12 years, the native is still in the natural process of growing. One should not discuss or show the Horoscope of the child till 12 years. There can be different opinions on this age being 12 or 15 years. But in today's time when Career has assumed the greatest significance in native's life, I feel at 12th year, the decision regarding subject stream selection starts pouring in. You will find many advocating that one should show the child's chart as soon as possible so that the parents know how would be the child. These are unethical practices as per true Vedic Astrology. You show a child's Horoscope and what you get in turn is: oh, your child has this Dosha in Kundli, health will deteriorate, the child can be a threat to either of the parents and like that many scaring predictions. As parent, you get emotional and start praying for remedies and upaays. Please do not do this. Rather if you get involved in such things, you are intervening in the natural process of Almighty. Understand if the consequences were to be like that, then why did the child was sent to this World.

I am witness to many cases where people approach me asking for a child's horoscope analysis. Some come out of curiosity but most come with a scary mind, as stated above. I have seen many cases, and let me tell you, none of the children had any such issues either on self or on the parents. They are all living a good life. Read my answer in QUORA regarding child horoscope. Notwithstanding, one can show a child horoscope only in severe health issues or absolutely abnormal habits/behaviour. Yes, if your child is born in Mool Nakshatra, one should perform a small Pooja to alleviate this. However, many people born in Mool Nakshatra have become highly successful in their life. 

Another honest and modest submission here is that even if you have circumstances as stated above to show your child's Horoscope to an astrologer, show it to the experienced astrologers. Do not show or discuss your child horoscope with juniors/assistants in any astrology office. You could be encountering Quacks, and the result would be as I have already explained. 

Also, many times, we hear about the blot of Pitra Dosha in a baby girl's Horoscope. Do not worry; this will not activate till she is married and goes to her ultimate house(husband's house). 

How to get an online Horoscope for new born child

Gone are the days when an accomplished Jyotish will make kundali of a new born. Now a day, it is very easy to get an online horoscope of a new born baby child. Put date, place and accurate time of birth of your child in widely placed online kundli software. Just keep in mind that the source uses updated software, and the birth time you put is accurate to one minute. And in case you don't have an accurate birth time, nothing to worry about, you can use the services of an expert astrologer to find exact birth time of your child. But here, if you do not have the exact birth time of your child, do not hurry or mess up. Please wait for your child to grow and get his/her time when he/she really needs horoscope analysis.

Moral of the story – One should get a child horoscope made using different online kundali making software. There are many free online Horoscope making software. Keep it for your future reference. But one should not show a child's Horoscope till the child attains the age of 12 years. UNLESS there are serious health issues or indifferently abnormal behaviour and if it is so, please, please show to an accomplished, experienced person and not the stereo type junior astrologers. 

God bless your child.

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